Tarot Cards drawn by Paul Emerson Leicht btwn 2006 and 2008.
01ofcoins.jpg 01ofcups.jpg 01ofstaves.jpg 01ofswords.jpg 02ofcoins.jpg 02ofcups.jpg 02ofstaves.jpg 02ofswords.jpg 03ofcoins.jpg 03ofcups.jpg 03ofstaves.jpg 03ofswords.jpg 04ofcoins.jpg 04ofcups.jpg 04ofstaves.jpg 04ofswords.jpg 05ofcoins.jpg 05ofcups.jpg 05ofstaves.jpg 05ofswords.jpg 06ofcoins.jpg 06ofcups.jpg 06ofstaves.jpg 06ofswords.jpg 07ofcoins.jpg 07ofcups.jpg 07ofstaves.jpg 07ofswords.jpg 08ofcoins.jpg 08ofcups.jpg 08ofstaves.jpg 08ofswords.jpg 09ofcoins.jpg 09ofcups.jpg 09ofstaves.jpg 09ofswords.jpg 10ofcoins.jpg 10ofcups.jpg 10ofstaves.jpg 10ofswords.jpg 11ofcoins.jpg 11ofcups.jpg 11ofstaves.jpg 11ofswordscolor.jpg 12ofcoins.jpg 12ofcups.jpg 12ofstaves.jpg 12ofswordscolor.jpg 13ofcoins.jpg 13ofcups.jpg 13ofstaves.jpg 13ofswordscolor.jpg 14ofcoins.jpg 14ofcups.jpg 14ofstaves.jpg 14ofswords.jpg ma00-theghost.jpg ma01-themoon.jpg ma02-theheirophant.jpg ma03-thefool.jpg ma04-thetower.jpg ma05-thethrone.jpg ma06-thetyrant.jpg ma07-thehangedman.jpg ma08-thescales.jpg ma09-thestar.jpg ma10-death.jpg ma11-flames.jpg ma12-war.jpg ma13-theshield.jpg ma14-thesword.jpg ma15-theplague.jpg ma16-thebanner.jpg ma17-theidiot.jpg ma18-thehermit.jpg ma19-thesun.jpg ma20-thewheel.jpg ma21-thefiend.jpg
Artist Comments
These have been made by using mech pencil to draw them, a sharpie for the borders and a calligraphy pen for the lettering. I also used a fine/vfine pen to darken the pencilling and then filled in the drawing with sharpies. The result is a less detailed look than the older yellow cards but the colors are stronger.

You may notice that I made an error on the High Preistess of Cups card. It says staves instead of cups. :/
I may switch to colored pencils for the next batch and see how those come out. I added some new ones and tried coloring them with pencil as well as pens. The results are mixed. :0